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Refurbish Definition of Refurbish by Merriam-Webster.
rick barrett, USA TODAY, Drum" refurbishing plant, where worker safety problems were cited, closes suddenly, 20 Dec. The womens stories converge at Dorothys House, a home in central Iowa refurbished, repurposed and opened by Kellie Markey in January 2016 to serve survivors of human trafficking.
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What is refurbishing? definition and meaning
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Refurbishing definition of refurbishing by The Free Dictionary.
Phone Ambulance Superstore Launches Phone Screen Refurbishing Training Course. Ten years ago, when Grade A stock was in short supply, landlords and developers started refurbishing Grade B office buildings to Grade A specification to fill the gap, knowing they could achieve close to Grade A rents.
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refurbishing Vertaling naar Nederlands voorbeelden Engels Reverso Context.
In view of the above-mentioned substantial problems for the operation of conventional power plants within the small isolated systems, derogation can be granted for the authorisation of existing conventional capacity to the extent that this concerns the refurbishing, upgrading and expanding of existing conventional capacity.
refurbishing Wiktionary.
Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search. present participle of refurbish. refurbishing plural refurbishings. The act by which something is refurbished. Retrieved from" https// English non-lemma forms. English present participles. English countable nouns. Not logged in. What links here.
Refurbishing Furniture.
How to Refurbish a Floor Lamp. Learn to Refurbish a Vintage Globe. 6 Alternative Dining Room Chair Fabric Ideas. Refurbish a Lamp Shade with These Tricks. 5 Tips for Refurbishing Furniture and Other Home Items. Ways to Refurbish an Old Dresser.
Refurbishment electronics Wikipedia.
Different companies and industries may have different types of refurbished" products. Since the electronics industry doesn't' have a firm, widely accepted definition of refurbished, its exact meaning may vary from one product to the next, or one company to the next.
refurbishing Nederlandse vertaling Linguee woordenboek.
Non-current liabilities consist of commercial debts payable after more than one year 0.9 million in 2007, long-term provisions intended to cover litigations 5.2 million in 2007 and 5.3 million in 2006 and the costs of dismantling network sites a n d refurbishing o f r ented buildings 8.5 million in 2007 and 7.7 million in 2006.
Refurbish in het Nederlands vertaald uit het Engels.
refurbish opkalefateren, renoveren. refurbish uitgeleide doen, uitlaten, renoveren, vernieuwen, terugvoeren, doorgaan, verder gaan met, vervolgen, voortgaan, voortzetten. Uitgebreide vertaling voor refurbish Engels in het Nederlands. to refurbish werkwoord refurbishs, refurbished, refurbishing. to refurbish patch up; boost; jack up v; pep up.
refurbishing activities Dutch translation Linguee.
Employees of the World. Forum have carried out a numbe r o f activities i n r ecent years such as sprucing up a garden at the Parnassia a n d refurbishing t h e stalls at the Madurodam Manege.

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